Stewart Woodman

Duplex Will Become Stewart Woodman’s Birdhouse

Dara reports that the former Duplex location in Uptown will become a new Stewart Woodman restaurant, Birdhouse. Numerous vegan and vegetarian offerings will create a health-conscious place that “we’d want to eat at and bring our kids to every day,” says Woodman. It sounds as though Woodman is following in the footsteps of Alex Roberts; […]


Knife Sharpening Sale and November 18 Tweet Rodeo

@AimeeCheek announces that an old cell phone donation at M & I Bank gets you a free @SmashburgerMSP coupon, @KnifeGuy344 recommends cheap sharpening at Eversharp’s Annual Knife Sharpening Sale, @SurdyksLiquor extends their heart healthy sale, @DeRushaEats comments on the latest polemic commentary from outspoken chefs (shefs?) Shefzilla and Lenny Russo, @StribTaste notes celebrity fans of […]


Russo and Woodman Debate the Meaning of Four Stars

Here’s the story: Lenny Russo criticizes Stewart Woodman’s criticism of a critic giving Russo’s Heartland a positive critique. It’s an interesting read — Woodman suggests that you generally can’t give Minneapolis restaurants four stars because they’ll never measure up to the New York equivalents and Russo fires back with a blast from the past: “When […]