For a Good Thyme…

Duluth Dish has a review and menu preview of the new Good Thyme restaurant in Washburn/Bayfield. It features one of the most Wisconsin-y trios that’s popped up in quite a while: Trio of Sweet Potato Fries, French Fries & Cheese Curds.


  1. duluth restaurants

    yeah, the menu looks stock & dangerously close to annoying “fusion”. the descriptions are very humble and look boring compared to the product which clearly demands a bit of craft when you see it on the plate.

    the menu @ duluthdish was the first & they’ve refined it quite a bit since. it’s really about the experience of being there.

    keep cranking out good content. you guys are an inspiration and we here in the duluth strive for your consistency and in-depth coverage of the industry (not to mention funding).

    cheers on the link, will return tomorrow :)

  2. Mary

    The trio is a nod to our Wisconsin heritage…not to mention we am particularily fond of cheese curds. We did quite a bit of research to find the best cheese curds (Ellsworth WI), how about deep fried pickles?? We have changed the menu a few times since Duluth Dish did the mini review. I like to keep things simple and do not like novella menu descriptions. As a result, our menu descriptions list a few of the key ingredients for each dish and we leave the rest to the diners imagination. We love what happens around a table- laughter, community and great meals. We want everyone who walks through our door to feel like thay are coming to fantastic dinner party thrown just for them.

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