Flying Carp, Cheese, The Rat, and Morning Roundup

A profile of Summit’s Mark Stutrud [via East-Lake], a fitting rave for Q Fanatic BBQ (here’s ours), SOS from the Crystal VFW, a sketch from Chimborazo (here’s our review), flying carp are on the move, the art of homemade cheese, Madison’s Bratfest is (again) facing a homegrown leftist alternative festival, UW-Madison’s Memorial Union dining hall evolves from the “The Rat” to the “The Rath” (perhaps), the Twin Cities Fish Fry Club is up to its usual antics, a glowing profile of Katie Hedrich of LaClare Farms (here’s our review of her Evalon cheese, voted the nation’s best in 2011), and how a Wisconsin mustard museum passed up $1,000 to display a sign sponsored by PETA.