Happy July Fourth and Morning Roundup

An exploration of the Ngon Bistro Food Truck; WACSO illustrates Wise Acre hot sauce; tasting notes for Fulton Lonely Blonde; a new whiskey maker (called Panther Distillery) has set up shop in Osakis, MN; a broadside against the rabblerousers protesting Madison’s Ale Asylum on union grounds; and Iggers goes to Chimborazo (here’s our review).


HauteDish Rides High and Morning Roundup

Rick digs HauteDish (“I don’t know that there’s a better fried chicken in the Twin Cities”), in praise of country markets (where there’s no damn amplified music, for starters), the Uptown space briefly known as Indio is on its way to becoming Darbar India Grill, and Well Fed Guide to Life hits Chimborazo (find our […]


February 17 Morning Roundup

Rachel heads out to Chimborazo and Cocina Latina (our own takes are here and here respectively), a pretty ambitious exploration of winter beers (tip: serve Schell’s Snowstorm with cookies), Katie reviews Piccolo for Metromix, and it’s Kate’s birthday, but she’s giving away the gifts.