Duck in a Can at HauteDish

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

The not-entirely-fancy-sounding Duck in a Can ($33) is the priciest item on the menu at the now-open HauteDish, but the eccentricity and flavor of the dish makes it worthy of consideration. It consists of Au Bon Canard duck and foie gras cooked sous vide in the can along with cabbage and carrots, and then presented — via can opener and unceremonious dump — atop a slice of bread topped with a mild root vegetable puree. “Rich” is an understatement — a sensuous texture and deep-but-gentle duck flavor make this dish one worthy of a celebration… or, heck, a last meal. (The dish is listed on the menu as being “Martin Picard style,” a tribute to the duck-in-can pioneering chef of Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal.)

We’ll have a longer story by Susan Pagani about the food and atmosphere at HauteDish on Friday. (Also read her extensive pre-opening profile of HauteDish.)

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table


  1. James Norton

    Our waiter told us they seal the cans themselves. I don’t have details on the specific machine used, though – it’s probably not a cheap process, since the home canning industry is so heavily geared toward glass jars.

  2. Tom

    Hopefully a safe one though! Seems like there might be a danger with various metals leaching into your food. I am, of course — like every Internet commentator — totally uninformed on the issue.

  3. yoshi


    Yes – storing food in a metal container is completely untested and not used at all to transport food today so I see your cause for concern. However I predict one day that most of our food will be delivered in round metal containers such as the one mentioned in this article. You may even see them in grocery and convenience stores!

  4. Stool Pigeon

    Talk about an unrestrained night out. Here’s a suggestion. Chef in a peep booth. Watch Brandon in some hot solo omelette action.

  5. Kate NG Sommers

    A canner is really not that expensive; I grew up opening presents from my granddad with a can opener, as he had a can sealer in his workshop.
    Since their menu isn’t online yet (how hard is that people!?!) is there any sign of the poutine martin? Foie, truffle oil, veal demi-glace french fries and cheese curds? ommm nom nom.

  6. Landon Schoenefeld

    Yo, there will be poutine on the the menu, a good one too, god dammit, will sleep now.

  7. Ryan

    Ate at Haute Dish last night. Had the Tater Tot “Haute” Dish…it was excellent. Fork tender shortribs which were great, but I really loved the potato puree “tots”…cut in and they just melted potatoey goodness onto my plate. Great job for only being open 2 days!

  8. geoff

    the online menu is a bit sloppy. all the Ryes are under the Gin heading, and Bourbon and taleggio are misspelled. Also, it looks as if Surly beers were snubbed in favor of other local-ish brews.

  9. BrianJ

    I don’t know if it’s the case with Haute Dish but not everybody that wants Surly on tap can get it, there’s a waiting list.

  10. artsy

    now, Poutine in a can, THAT would spell success…wait, no, it would have to be a minimum #10 can…..

    will there be any vegan hotdish please ? or at least vegetarian goopy things with some great scratch bechamel?

  11. Tim Johnson

    @Geoff. If you are aware of Surly you know that they have a waitlist for new accounts. No “snubbing” at all. In fact, they have halted distribution to all areas except the metro. If you would like to be helpful, email Surly and tell them you want to see them at HauteDish.


  12. MGB

    It is my understanding from Surly’s website that they are not opening new accounts…this means new places like Haute Dish are unable to get Surly–canned or kegged. But really, if you are going to a place like this and get sandy panties over a lack of Surly, especially with the tap/bottle/can selection they have, I suggest you try something off the food menu…that should bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your belly. :-D

  13. Landon Schoenefeld

    Hey Tim, that gE ofF, sure is a nit-picky sonafbitch isn’t he? Woo woo, pull over, grammer police.

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