Burrito Union in Duluth, MN

Jena Modin / Heavy Table

There is no Chipotle in Duluth. The town is void of the signature foil-wrapped bullet that can cure late-night hunger. The city does, however, have its own indigenous way to meet the demand.

The Burrito Union, located near the mouth of Chester Creek in the heart of Duluth, is painted Soviet red and mimics the tightly-rolled foil-wrapped Chipotle burritos that have put fear in the hearts of Taco John’s and Taco Bell. The Soviet theme continues into the menu with signature burritos like the Imperial Chicken ($8), Fat Capitalist ($8.50), and Happy Worker ($8). Garlic lime chicken, achiote pork, and red chile beef are the three meats available.

The Fat Capitalist has a medium roasted tomato salsa that works well with the achiote pork. Black Beans and red rice make up the rest of the burrito, adding balance to the spicy meat and salsa. The burrito can be made in a bowl, as a salad, or as a “two fisted” or “one fisted” burrito (terms used to describe the item’s size).

Jena Modin / Heavy Table

The meats, salsas, and burrito fillings are all reminiscent of Chipotle and are a suitable substitute, but the roll of the burritos is hit or miss. At times the burrito will be tight and plump like those at Chipotle, but at times they will be loose or saggy, leaving you with a dilapidated tortilla leaking pico de gallo onto your arm.

Brewhouse beer is the only beer available, as the Burrito Union is under the same ownership. Beers like the Chester Creek Pale Ale and Tug Boat Irish Stout are only available at the Burrito Union. The restaurant constantly rotates beers, bringing in seasonal beers along with beers regularly featured at the Brewhouse.

For Duluth, the Burrito Union fills the important need for a burrito shop that can put warm, spicy food in your hand fast. Table service, counter service, and delivery are all available. It may not be Chipotle, but since there isn’t one in town, it’s worth getting used to. Especially since you can get Brewhouse beer.

Burrito Union
Burritos in Duluth

1332 E 4th St
Duluth, MN 55805

Mon-Thur 11am-12am
Fri 9am-1am
Sat-Sun 9am-1am
Rod Raymond and Tim Nelson
Brewhouse beer and Full Bar


  1. Dave

    No you are wrong. I’ve eaten at the “Union” many times and know this is much better than a chain place any time. The food, service and atmosphere are more unique. Can’t compare apples to oranges.

  2. Ben

    Thank you very much Dave. To say that this is something to get used to because there is no Chipotle in town is a sin. Don’t get me wrong I think that restaurant has successfully broken the mold or chain fast-sit down, but Burrito Union is in another league. Interesting that the author didn’t mention the other delectables including some of the best nachos I’ve ever had.

  3. Kristi

    I also agree that this place is far superior to Chipotle! Give me a Burrito Union in St. Paul and I’d choose it over Chipotle any day of the week! I just came back from a short vacation in Duluth and ate at this place twice. The service, atmosphere, and food quality were the same (excellent) for both visits. I tried the pork and beef burrito’s – the pork is much tastier. The meat is shredded but not super fatty and is very tasty. The decor and menu descriptions are fun too.

  4. Keaton

    Here on business and a few of my coworkers and I have been here numerous times already. The place is quality, the food delicious and fresh and kickass beer. Wish we had one in Brainerd.

  5. Brad

    As Eric puts it, “suitable substitute (to Chipotle)” and “worth getting used to” are fair statements. While I appreciate that this isn’t a chain, it doesn’t make it taste better than Chipotle.

    I ordered the Imperial Chicken burrito, which was pretty decent, and the Chorizo Con Queso which was a bowl of fail. Too much chorizo, no heat– both spice and temperature, and the chips were a bit on the stale side. The bottle of Cholula at the table helped a little. The availability of Brewhouse beer is certainly a plus as is the decor.

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