How to Cook a Steak in a Sauna and Morning Roundup

Eight people were arrested protesting at Chipotle [via], the relaunched Cake Eater apparently involves some tragic cupcake compromises, this February Brau Bros. are putting out an oatmeal milk stout called MooJoos, the Chowgirls are staging a Valentine’s Day “Locavore Love Affair” dinner as the inaugural event for their quasi-restaurant space in Northeast, and the […]


Ringo Closing and Morning Roundup

Ringo is closing (here’s our preview piece from not so long ago), “mass firings” of Latinos at Chipotle stir outrage, more backyard pig butchery photos, Cafe Bonxai has closed, Heidi’s is set to open 1-11-11, Bill Roehl posts a contrarian review of Pizza Nea, and Chris Hewitt on bacon popcorn at the ShowPlace ICON Theatre.


Apr. 28 Morning Roundup

Zimmern calls for a public castration of restaurant no-shows (which we endorse), Emily is gathering people together for a Pedal Pub ride, Mag and Kris hit the Between the Bluffs Beer, Wine and Cheese Festival and chintz out on the wine and cheese, Metro gives lunch at Porter & Frye a “B” (corrected for their […]