August 5 Tweet Rodeo

Have you ever had the perfect balance of sweetly tangy yogurt that’s prevalent in Vietnam? Now you can make it at home, thanks to a recipe from @AqNguyen / @TangledNoodle, @MetroMag experiments with DIY alcoholic flavor infusions, @Vita_MN dishes on a 3-course meal and Julie & Julia film viewing for $20, @FourFirkins now offers the limited edition Isid’or, one of the Koningshoeven Trappist Ales we wrote about a little over a month ago, and @IzzysIceCream now features the shop’s Throwdown With Bobby Flay on their Facebook page — check it out to see who won!


  1. Maja

    I haven’t tried it yet–I missed all the events that weekend–but the Quadrupel is a favorite in our house!

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