January 21 Tweet Rodeo

@OMminneapolis announces their first “Mumbai Night” this Saturday, @TangledNoodle and @CafeCyan discuss homemade yogurt, @TCFoodFinds urges you to visit D’Amico and Sons — 10% of your bill through Sunday is donated to Haiti, and @DragonflyMpls offers a free pastry with a drink purchase today.


August 5 Tweet Rodeo

Have you ever had the perfect balance of sweetly tangy yogurt that’s prevalent in Vietnam? Now you can make it at home, thanks to a recipe from @AqNguyen / @TangledNoodle, @MetroMag experiments with DIY alcoholic flavor infusions, @Vita_MN dishes on a 3-course meal and Julie & Julia film viewing for $20, @FourFirkins now offers the […]