August 10 Tweet Rodeo

Beets, the root vegetable of the iron range, are making a comeback from the requisite sweet-spicy preserved slices commonly served with Minnesotan home cookin’ — not only have I enjoyed them in salads at @NgonBistro and @TownTalkDiner, @LucyWaverman now asks that beet-haters give the roots a chance in cake form. @DuplexMpls offers bottles of wine and 22-oz. beer bottles for half off tomorrow and Tuesday, @BirchwoodCafe announces Will Allen of @GrowingPower’s upcoming visit to Minneapolis, @KSiddiqi92 calls out for recipes featuring brown sugar as a part of the “Blogger Secret Ingredient” series, and @LeeZukor discusses the new “Just Bare” chicken from Gold ‘n Plump with the St. Cloud-based company’s Director of Brand Strategy — finally, learn the back story behind the new chicken in the meat case at the grocery store!