Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse in Hudson, Wis.

“Famous” Dave Anderson is back with a new line of barbecue restaurants, the Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse. We gave the food a thorough review.

Slow-Roasted Jerk Pork Bowl at Pimento Kitchen in Minneapolis

Flavorful, soulful food is the norm at the newly opened Pimento Kitchen on Eat Street in Minneapolis.

Bright Holiday Bites and Pottery to Match from Northern Clay Center

Three different recipes matched up with three lovely pieces of handmade pottery from The Northern Clay Center.

Q&A With a Pig Farmer

In this, the third part of a series sponsored by the Minnesota Pork Board, a pig farmer answers questions.

ZZest Dinner at Pork & Plants Farm in Altura, MN

If you’re a chef, you want red wattle hogs for their rich meat; some say it’s almost beef-like. If you’re […]