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Pitching the Heavy Table (Businesses)

The Heavy Table receives many press releases each week, but is able to do stories on very few of them. […]

Summit’s Herkulean Woods Lager

Summit’s Herkulean Woods, #16 in its Unchained series, is a complicated but balanced lager with lovely layers of flavor.

Pitching the Heavy Table (Writers)

Submissions guidelines for the Heavy Table, a website covering food and drink in the Upper Midwest.

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

Mushroom Jerky, Vellee Deli Bricks and More

Vellee Deli is setting up in a location in downtown Minneapolis, Whistler Soda is open for factory tours, and more.

A Burrito Bounty, the Salt Cellar, and More

World Street Kitchen is hoping to track down a graffiti bandit, a look forward to the Salt Cellar and its forager chef, and more.