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Heavy Table Hot Five: April 24-30

The Hot Five welcomes the corned beef from Paddy Shack and the Dhalpourie bread from Marla’s.

Heavy Table Hot Five: April 17-23

The week’s Hot Five includes noodles from Macy’s Skyroom and hog frites from Surly.

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Cafe Racer Kitchen in Seward, Minneapolis

Cafe Racer Kitchen is serving up clean, simple food in a chic space in Seward, Minneapolis.

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Valhalla, Co-op Creamery Cafe, and More

A new brewpub in Willernie called Valhalla, Seward Co-op’s new restaurant, the Creamery, and more in the Tap.

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Heavy Table Hot Five: April 10-16

Hot Five welcomes bagels from Rise, beer from Sisyphus, and Greek sausage from Clancey’s.