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Heavy Table Hot Five: July 21-27

Char siu tacos from Local Crate, Chef Camp, and Yia Vang, 120-day-aged beef at Cosmos, a gourmet spin on a Pop Tart at Brake Bread and more on the Hot Five.

The Hot Sauces of Isabel Street Heat of St. Paul

Most hot sauces are merely hot; Isabel Street Heat sauces have a fermentation-made depth of flavor and complexity that set them apart from their peers.

Mike Nelson of North Mallow

Minnesota-made North Mallows are an upscale spin on the campfire classic – denser, more fully flavored, and surprisingly fire-resistant.

The Picantes of Uncle Simon’s Traditions

The heat, acid, and richness of Uncle Simon’s Colombian-inspired picante sauces have the capacity to kick up and bring savory flavor to whatever they touch.

Heavy Table Hot Five July 14-20

A great walleye sandwich at Bread and Pickle, Carolina Gold Rice at Revival, a fantastic bratwurst in Northfield, and more, on the Hot Five.