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Heavy Table Hot Five: Sep. 22-28

The Hot Five dives deep into the greatest hits of Lake Plaza on East Lake Street and finds a killer lamb sandwich at The Original on 42nd.

SpringTooth Harvest Bloody Mary Mix, Tomato Soup, and Marinara

SpringTooth Harvest turns Minnesota-grown heirloom tomatoes into three products: marinara, Bloody Mary mix, and a tomato soup.

The Animal Burger at Gray Duck Tavern in St. Paul

The caramelized onion-bedecked, special-sauce soaked, double-decker Animal Burger at the Gray Duck Tavern in St. Paul is worth the price and effort.

The Tap: Fulton Gets a Food Truck

The Tap looks at upcoming restaurants, restaurant closings, and the new Fulton Taproom Kitchen, a remodeled Airstream helmed by Scott Pampuch.

Heavy Table Hot Five: Sep. 15-21

Jerk lamb at Chef Camp, an old fashioned-inspired shrub at Wesley Andrews, and other foods and beverages you should be trying right now on the Hot Five.