Zimmern Plus Omer Equals Crazy Interesting

Two of the area’s most flamboyant gastro-characters collide as Andrew Zimmern interviews Mitch Omer of Hell’s Kitchen in advance of his upcoming book, Damn Good Food: 157 Recipes from Hell’s Kitchen. Omer’s craziest story from his roadie days? [Beware: NSFW language.] “Getting stabbed at a Van Halen concert, having sex on the stage at Red Rocks amphitheater in Denver, playing softball with Journey, stealing props from Barry Manilow just to fuck with him (easily the biggest asshole to have to work for), and getting a beer bottle broken over my head, requiring 17 stitches, at Waylon Jennings show, then promptly kicking the shit out of the kid until I thought he was dead.” Then Zimmern asks Omer about his peanut butter recipe.

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