You Say Tra-vigh, I say Travail and Morning Roundup Part 2

A suggestion to “reconsider walnuts,” Iggers raves about Travail (the gastropub we briefly previewed in August has become quite the media darling of late, between Dara’s charcuterie recommendation and Rachel’s review), St. Paul Grill adopts throwback prices, Michelle Gayer and the Salty Tart are “in” (though this writer would contend that the Salty Tart’s reputation has been growing since before Gayer’s first Beard mention), and Amy of Green Your Plate finally busts out her now-dusty pressure cooker.

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  1. Erik

    So, throwback prices at the StP Grill include a (potentially unsustainably caught) Sea Bass for $32? I’m noooooot quiiiiiiiite sure I’m seeing the value there.

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