Charcuterie Rising and Morning Roundup

A look at the evolution of local charcuterie, a new Madison-area place called the Cookhouse, Murray’s gets a remodel, Rick does a culinary survey of the Midtown Global Market, a visit to Rye Deli (here’s our analysis), a guide to local brewpubs, Indeed Brewing Company announces its taproom opening, and tasting notes for Dave’s BrewFarm […]


Green Ox on the Move

An intriguing Facebook post from Green Ox Meat Co., makers of some of the area’s best-regarded charcuterie: “We are no longer in production and are in the process of a name change. We are pursuing space in Minneapolis to get a fully USDA licensed facility up and running. Cara Irish Pubs has a bit of […]


Charcuterie 101 and Morning Roundup

City Pages and Surdyk’s promote the upcoming Iron Fork event and reveal one of the competing chefs, a fougasse how-to, Dara recommends a day trip for the charcuterie novice, a trial-and-error recap of apple butter production (one tip: Don’t cook 14 pounds at once unless you plan to stay by the stove all day), and […]