YO!Sushi to Open Five Area Locations

It’s arguable whether the Twin Cities — which are, Mississippi River notwithstanding, not really proximate to an ocean — need any more sushi restaurants. Nonetheless, five more are said to be on the way, under the London-based control of the YO!Sushi company, whose locations are known for their conveyor belt-based food-delivery service. [Press release – PDF]


  1. Jason DeRusha

    Do most coastal sushi restaurants pick their fish right out of the nearby ocean and serve it or do they get it from overseas like the Twin Cities restaurants do?

  2. James Norton

    Jason, fair point, although I’ll maintain even under oath that I markedly prefer good California and NYC sushi to the good local stuff. Here’s the thrust of what I’m getting at: I like it when places represent what’s local, and not only does sushi have no bearing on where we are, it’s essentially strip mining the ocean. Plus, your daily recommended dose of mercury and then some. (Note that I have a lot of internal conflict about this because sushi is delicious and I love it.)

  3. paul

    I’ve been in the twin cities since ’86 and I can say the quality of the fish we get has improved a lot… Took my wife to Fuji-ya a couple weeks ago and we were very happy with what we got… (and yes I’ve had sushi on the west coast… I would argue NY sushi is high quality more due to marked access than being on the Atlantic.)

    But…I agree with you on two points. 1) Do the twin cities really need another sushi restaurant? I used to be able to list them on one hand, now? 2) Yes there is a lot of overfishing, and an international chain coming in won’t help.

    So yeah, I’m so/so on this news too… Sushi should be a high end thing, special, occasional (it’s not even common in Japan per se). Oh well…

  4. Laura Bednarski

    I would imagine the fish could be sourced as well as that at other sushi restaurants in our neck of the states, and the concept is really fun! We’ve been waiting to find a Yo! Sushi restaurant in the States since eating at one in London, and think the Twin Cities market would easily absorb this fun spot!

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