Wisconsin Cheese and Supper Clubs and Morning Roundup

Rachel digs The Bachelor Farmer (here’s our take on it; also, we’re going to miss her weekly column), a profile of the beekeepers at Bare Honey (they’ll be at our upcoming North Coast Nosh), our own Soleil Ho has a story about working as a female cook in the new issue of Creative Ladies Are Powerful, sweet Jesus do I love this vintage Jesse “The Body” Ventura ad for Chicago-Lake Liquor, a nice writeup of a recent Wisconsin cheese tasting and a giveaway of The Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin, documentarians are working on a film called Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club, the Well Fed Guide to Life celebrates Oktoberfest at Glockenspiel, and a profile of the more-than-100-year-old Park Cheese company of Fond Du Lac, WI.