“The Wendigo’s Credit Card” Is Now on Kickstarter

wendigo-shot-715-2This post is sponsored by the Kickstarter campaign for The Wendigo’s Credit Card.

Dear Heavy Table Readers,

From time to time, we all must reassess our lives, boldly face a new direction, and write a collection of short stories that combine mythology and folklore with modern concerns such as social media, dehumidifiers, and a haunted Tim Hortons restaurant.

Now is such a time in my life, and I am pleased to announce the kickoff of my modest Kickstarter campaign to print The Wendigo’s Credit Card, a collection of short and humorous fictional stories.

If you’ve enjoyed my writing on The Heavy Table and my radio appearances on MPR, The Current, and WCCO, you may well enjoy this light and entertaining book of short stories. For a mere $16, you can back the project and receive a copy of the book before the holidays.

If you haven’t, then I would probably save my money for something else.

That caveat aside, thanks in advance for your support,

James Norton
The Heavy Table

Becca Dilley
Becca Dilley