Unleash the Bees

Minneapolis has caught up with St. Paul — beekeeping is now legal within city limits. [Via City Pages] UPDATE: This vote is preliminary, and it still needs to clear the Council as a whole. [See comment below]


  1. Dayna Burtness

    Unfortunately, beekeeping isn’t legal quite yet. The unanimous vote that took place in the Public Safety & Regulatory Services subcommittee meeting last Wednesday just advanced the issue for the whole City Council to vote on. I’m not sure when they’ll vote on it.

  2. Anne

    Thanks, Heavy Table, for keeping us informed on breaking beekeeping news.

    All you would-be Minneapolis beekeepers, please contact your city councilperson to ask them to support urban beekeeping. And then take the great “Beekeeping in Northern Climates” short course at the U of M (available each March).

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