Chat with Rick Nelson! and June 9 Tweet Rodeo

Heading out of town? Try the updated menu and South American flight at @surdyksflights; @airick72 provides updates on his idyllic-sounding new life in Denmark, @stephmarch recommends a dish from @holaarepa, @amesfarmhoney comments on the hive comb options available for beekeeping, and @RickNelsonStrib schedules a restaurant live-chat — open from noon to 1 today.


June 22 Tweet Rodeo

@UptownMarket seeks musicians to play at the market, @TheSaltyTart promotes the upcoming Taste of the Nation HOTList event, @AmesFarmHoney suggests beekeeping as a cure for the rat race, and @LocalDlish publicizes an event in Northfield promoting community food systems.