Today’s Newsletter: Chef Tory Miller, Alemar Cheese, and More

In today’s debut edition of our Tap culinary industry-focused newsletter, you’ll find a robust round-up of Minnesota’s most notable restaurant openings, closings, and planned projects. You’ll also find a digest of some of the most interesting stories in the news.

Plus: An interview with Tory Miller, arguably Madison, Wisconsin’s best-known chef. After property destruction in downtown Madison, he took a fiery stand on behalf of Black Lives Matter.

“I had people calling the restaurant threatening my life, just being appalled that I would be advocating for destruction of property,” Miller said. “Obviously that’s not what I said. It’s called empathy, not advocacy.”

And: An interview with Alexandra Adams of Alemar Cheese about her company’s new CSA-style cheese box program, an attempt to reconnect directly with consumers as restaurants struggle and the curated, dine-in cheese plate becomes rare-to-extinct.


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