Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill on Its Way

The Business Journal reports that Toby Keith’s ambitiously named I Love This Bar and Grill will be opening in the near future in St. Louis Park. Keith will reportedly perform at the opening of the restaurant. Fried twinkies are on the menu. Ditto fried bologna sandwiches.


  1. ryan

    Mechanical bull within a couple of miles from my house? I’m willing to forget that Toby Keith is involved if they carry a few good beers…

  2. Betsy Hanna

    Dearest Toby,
    I can’t waite till your bar opens. I went to the one in Arizona it was so great, good chow and music. Maybe I’ll get up the courage to ride the bull here, since I live here. I would LOVE to come to your opening night, send me an invite if you want me to be one of your favorite guests!!!
    Luv from Minnesota :)
    Sincerely Betsy Hanna

    Betsy Hanna
    1515 Mill Pond Court
    Chaska, Mn 55318

  3. Marte

    I went to opening night at ILTB, nice place, crowded with great people BUT have not been able to hear ANYTHING since I left last night. 10hrs of deafness is not worth going there!


    Shane Wyatt– Band good, Shane BAD BAD singer as bad as T”OB’y

  4. Shara

    I went to Toby Keith*s bar on Sunday (6/27/2010) evening with a friend for dinner. There weren’t many people there because of the day I assume. It’s one huge room with a giant guitar shaped bar and tables and booths with the western theme going on. The food wasn’t terrible, but definitely not worth the price! I paid $13 for fish and chips. To be fair it did come with two sides of your choice in addition to the fries. I got fried okra and a side salad. I was really excited to see fried okra on the menu, but it tasted like it had been under a heat lamp for several hours; same with the fries (I didn*t even eat the fries they were so bad). The side salad was pretty pathetic (iceberg lettuce with a wedge of tomato and two big purple onion rings). Every wear that I have had a side salad it at least came with croutons, cheese, and sometimes hardboiled eggs and bacon pieces (even Apple Bee*s does).

    The waitresses are straight out of Coyote Ugly. I didn*t see a single male server and all the waitresses, bartenders and hostesses had on very short denim jean shorts or a denim mini skirt with cowboy boots and tight black tank tops. The whole experience was very Hooter’s like…the food was overpriced and overcooked and the servers underdressed.

    It did look like a good venue for a concert or dancing. I just wouldn’t eat there again. Cooper right next door has much better food for the same price.

  5. Betsy

    Dear Toby,
    Wow I did not mean to make you angry with my nice comment, all I was trying to say is that I liked the bar in Arizona and heard that you were playing at the grand opening in Minnesota where I live, and I wanted to attend that. I hope you didn’t think I was hitting on you. I have a my own man and I luve him very much. So ya I have been to the bar in St Louis Park twice and just read this comment of yours wow so sorry I up set you. (Some people in life just have a way with writing)

  6. Toby Keith

    Dear Betsy,

    I regret that my previous comment may have come off as a bit more terse than I had intended.

    As I recall, June 4th had been quite a long day already, and preparation for the evening show was fraught with technical difficulties the extent to which were beyond uncommon and bordering on catastrophic. It seems that someone had infiltrated our ranks the previous the night and replaced all of the 10-32 rack panel fasteners with an M15 spec, and between the diametric variance and thread count difference all had become either hopelessly jammed into the rack angles or left them stripped altogether.

    Normally I would suspect David Allan Coe’s cohorts to be behind such hijinx. But the extent of damage and apparent premeditated consideration of necessary repair and remedy lead me to believe a more insidious force is at play here. This feat of destruction and despair could only have been orchestrated and executed so perfectly by the crew of one entity: The Dixie Chicks.

    Needless to say, in the end we were able to affect a temporary repair through clever use of duct tape and chewing tobacco, and go on with the show. But by then my reply to you had been sent, and the damage done. Oh if only I could re-live that moment once more… To my shame, I cannot, and I will have to live with that realization for the rest of my life. Though that alone may provide you no satisfaction, at least please accept this, my humble appology and brief note of explanation.

    Begging to remain,
    Truly yours,

  7. Tobys Girl

    Wow anyone who actually thinks that toby keith actually has the time to find this website and write something so “professionally” wrote has really no grasp of reality and makes me laugh.

    Tobys is a great bar. I know one of the bartenders personally and I’ve met many of the bartenders and they are very nice. If your going to a country bar you’ll know that the music is going to be loud if its being played live. who cares what they wear btw tank tops and short is something you see everywhere now adays and if you cant stand to see someone in shorts you obviously dont get out much. The food their is good, not horrible but do you really expect to get fine dining at a country bar? come on people!! The drink prices are actually pretty cheap considering there is no happy hour menu but i know that there will be. Be real you really think that a huge bar like that wont get packed? I’m sure thats how they want it! Who cares if its a good time and the bar is making money. People these days amaze me!

  8. pleased guest

    I think toby keiths bar and grill is the best place out there! The ladies that work there are beautiful, smart and funny! Down to earth and just plain sweethearts! The food there is actually good you just have to pick and choose what you’d like! The ribs and the smore desert is the best and the mason jar beers are just classic! I love this bar and grill!! Based on my experience I give this place a ten! Thank you to the lovely staff !!

  9. paul leitgeb

    I wouldn’t go to your place if the food & beer were free/your attack on the DIXIE CHICKS was uncalled for–what they said should have been said by all of America–Bush is responsible for the mess this country is in & should have been tongue lashed by more Americans–the constitution gave us this right. I served this country in the U.S. Army for 3 years–have you?

  10. Kathy

    I cannot believe that there are still people in America who do not know how the internet works. Keep it coming, people.

  11. jean

    Does TOBY not know how to spell his own name? Look at the response to the Betsy’s comment. Silly people, he’s not the one responding. Dangerous for him, huh?

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