Late Nights at the Butcher Block

The Butcher Block, operating out of the former Fugaise space at 308 E. Hennepin Ave., starts selling box lunches this coming Monday. The restaurant is slated to open in earnest on June 16. Two interesting things:

Their hours are going to be late — 5pm-2am Monday through Thursday, and 5pm-4am Friday through Sunday.

And they have 29 flavors of wings, including house, sweet or spicy BBQ, Frank’s RedHot buffalo, honey mustard, spicy mustard, volcano, maple brown sugar, lemon herb, bourbon, country-fried, teriyaki, szechuan hoisin / plum, hoisin BBQ, Thai peanut, Sambal chili, sesame, cacciatore, marsala, strawberry balsamic, caramelized onion balsamic, salsa verde, blackberry red wine, green coconut curry, mango curry yogurt, jerk, coriander cumin lime, harissa Hungarian paprika, cranberry chili, and “kitchen sink.”

If you count sweet and spicy BBQ as two different flavors, that’s actually 30. And sign me up for an order of maple brown sugar and an order of mango curry yogurt. Crazy!


  1. Alexis

    Very happy to have something late-night in Northeast (only current late-night option is Psycho Suzi’s, and you’re lucky to get an order in by the kitchen’s 1:30am cutoff).

  2. sweetpea

    The butcher block lives up to its hype. I snuck in to try the taste testing menu. This food was wonderful. Served hot and smelled devine. They plated it nice as well. Braised short ribs, pork ragu, some sort of anchovy salad dressing. It was all very good. I would go back again for sure. They have lunches too which sound like a treat. If the box lunch is half as good as the dinner it will be better than much I have eaten in the past 10 years. You are sure to enjoy it. And not too expensive either. Spent more at medeocre places for sure. Food was awesome.

  3. jd

    Wednesday evening they served an incredible seafood stew as the fish of the day. Hope that one keeps recurring.

    Gnocchi Pomodoro was great too.

    Agree with sweatpea on the short ribs and pork ragu.

    Nice beer list.

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