The Roastery Storefront

The one-man boutique coffee roasting operation known as The Roastery has a new storefront at 5533 Aldrich Ave S. 616 W. 54th Street, Minneapolis. Owner Jeremy Raths (formerly of White Rock Coffee Roasters) will be open Saturday 7am-12pm, Tuesday 7am-6pm, and by arrangement.


  1. Kris

    I love it when producers are honest about how their product should be used/served! From the Club page, on offering only whole beans: If you need it ground, go out and buy a grinder. Coffee comes in its own cool little package. It will be a million times better if we keep it in the little package just before you need to brew.

  2. Jeremy Raths

    OOPs..Just to clarify. The little store is at 616 W 54th Street, Minneapolis. The orginal Roastery was where White Rock is 1992-1999. Since then we have been roasting at the old Annunciation. We moved across the street this fall.



  3. Linda

    Hi Jeremy,
    I am still enjoying the great coffee I purchased a couple of weeks ago! I am wondering if you have any left – I know you said Joe was in for 10 lbs – do you have any left? If so, I would like some and I think I might like to ship a little to my good friends in N. Carolina…
    I thought I had your number on my cell phone, but I can’t find it – so will you give me a call?
    Thanks Jeremy, have a great day!

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