The Grand Sandwich, Coming Soon

The Grand Sandwich — which appears to be a sizable new sandwich shop — is opening soon on Grand Ave. near Snelling in St. Paul. The website is spectacularly uninformative. Its LinkedIn profile states: “Opening in August 2010, TGS will provide deli sandwiches, toasted subs, paninis, big salads and soups. The Grand Sandwich will be opened late to serve the large number of students in the area, and will also provide catering to the surrounding schools and businesses.”


  1. Moe

    Interesting, especially with the wonderful sandwiches at the St Paul Cheese Shop already on that intersection.

  2. LovinTGS

    The mac community has been long in need of a true deli place! Cheese shop sandwiches are great but I’m excited to see what this has to offer as well!

  3. DLT

    It has been opened for about a month and the sandwiches are great! I really loved the barbecued seiten which was a special. I hope they have it everyday. The Rachel’s Tuna was great — not the usual goopy tuna salad. The herbs and the cranberry really make it special. I also tasted the tomato basil soup which was perfect for a cool, fall day in St. Paul. This is a welcomed addition to the Grand Avenue/Macalester neighborhood. A real plus is the owner who seems to really be interested in what the customers think and suggest!

  4. WilliamVB

    Not worth the money. Sandwiches were uninspired. I could have made better at home. I wouldn’t really call this a deli, either. With Cecil’s close by, I don’t think this place will last long.

  5. josh

    Saw their ad in City Pages and decided to go check it out, I was overall impressed. Grand ave needs more good sandwich shops and I like the different sandwiches they had to offer. Overall I will make this a weekly visit.

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