The Dollars and Sense of Homebrewing

SaintPaulitan runs the numbers on homebrewing and demonstrates that it’s a foolish economic proposition — unless you happen to think that homebrewing is fun.


  1. yoshi

    The starter kit is overkill. They are wasting money on useless stuff they can just buy from a kitchen supply outlet or already own. Who the heck buys a bottling tree? Or who actually uses bottles anymore? Buy used soda kegs – they are cheap. I bought a fridge over the internet a few months ago for 40 bucks (included shipping). Really – do some research – these guys didn’t and their costs are much higher because of it. And apparently these guys social lives suck so much that don’t do have friends who come over and drink beer.

    I’ve been home brewing for years and its paid back many many times.

  2. Jake

    $3 in sanitizer per batch? You’re doing it wrong.

    hint: you’re not supposed to sanitize the entire house.

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