The Debut of Berry Bits and Morning Roundup

A new process transforms cranberries into less acidic, palatable “Berry Bits” without adding a pile of sugar; java maven Andrew Kopplin meditates on death and coffee; thoughts on supper clubs and prime rib; photos from Surly Darkness Day; a review of Schell’s Stag Series #4: Burton Ale; some fan mail for our own Louie the Loon; Bill Roehl visits Vellee Deli; and a dueling piano bar from the national chain Howl at the Moon is opening in downtown Minneapolis.

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  1. Ashley

    Hi there,
    I always enjoy reading your updates but I was wondering if you ever follow or read the reviews on Twin Cities Restaurant Blog? I never see you link to them on here yet you link to many other local reviews. I hope to see you link those reviews as well. Thanks :)

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