Kopplins to Move? and March 2 Tweet Rodeo

@Kopplins considers moving, @PairingsFW’s “BIG Sale” is in full swing, @PunchPizza is transitioning into a solely social media-driven promotion strategy (tweet via @HotDishBlog), @McKinleyCSA links to a bonsai watermelon how-to, @ElisDonutBurger is hiring (read our profile here), and @Cosmos601 will be closed Friday night for a private party.


Snow Emergency Happy Hour and December 14 Tweet Rodeo

@BrasaRotisserie plans a “Darkest Day of the Year Party” complete with beer and food samples, @CheekyDeli offers kids free lunch in honor of the second snow day in a row, @Kopplins remains open despite the early-morning fire at the Nook due to some old-school “firewalls,” @ScottPampuch shows off tonight’s “guest of honor” (not for the […]