The Curderburger at Culver’s

There’s a party going on at your local Culver’s today (if you get there early enough). The chain engaged in that silly form of digital marketing known as putting jokes on social media on April Fool’s Day. This year, it promised a new menu item called the CurderBurger (no relation to Murder Durder), a bombastic item of meat and a giant cheese curd smooshed on top.

The joke was on Culver’s. Someone started a petition to have it become a real thing. And so, today, National Cheese Curd Day, Culver’s delivered. I arrived at my local Culver’s before it opened, and good thing—there was a sizable line, both walk-up and drive-through, when they opened. And were people ever excited; some IT staff from Bethel University told me they’d set up a countdown clock for this moment. Others high-fived each other when told the store hadn’t run out.

Is it worth the excitement? Sure, if you take it for what it is: a fast-food burger. The slab of cheese curd was sizable and, right out of the kitchen, had a lovely, dropping gooiness to it. The burger is essentially a Culver’s burger, and that’s not necessarily bad. It’ll never win prizes against some of the more exotic burgers in town, but the beef and cheese were, of course, a great match. It was like eating a burger stuffed with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Are you paying attention, Mouth Trap