The Craftsman in the Washington Post

The Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema sends a “postcard” from Minneapolis: “…the arrangement [of the charcuterie] at Craftsman reveals surprising personality and a sense of place. Rabbit terrine finds chopped rabbit bundled in house-cured pancetta. Duck liver mousse, whipped up from fowl from northern Minnesota, is sweetened with local apples and pears rather than booze. There’s dry-cured ham, too, aged by the restaurant, and salami, one of the trickiest specialty preserved meats to do well.” [via Brian Moen]


  1. Brian Ames

    I had some of Mike’s Phillips, (the chef @ Crafstman) brats at a private event and could not believe how flavorful and fresh they tasted. He is an unassuming master of sausage and cured meat that deserves this national attention.

  2. lee

    I head to the Craftsman as often as I can get there, and I ALWAYS get the charcuterie plate. It’s the kind of thing I never liked before, and it turns out I just hadn’t had it done right. Mike Phillips is truly a master.

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