Taste of Minnesota Struggles and Morning Roundup

Rick visits the LoveTree pizza farm, Rachel writes up the new Uptown Cafeteria (read our assessment here), cupcakes versus beards, a kind review of Sea Change, Well Fed Guide to Life visits the Longfellow Grill, Dara reports Greg Norton is leaving both his marriage and restaurant and lays out the wrong way to offer embargoed information to journalists, insight into the Taste of Minnesota being run into the ground, a hater says Bill Roehl is a “POS” and “not a restaurant critic,” and Fulton Beer signs the lease for its new Minneapolis brewery, and Bar La Grassa makes the Bon Appetit list of 10 best new restaurants (it’s a “temple to the Italian carb of choice.”)

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  1. Chris_H

    Between The Stone Barn (http://www.nelsonstonebarn.com/index.htm) in Nelson, WI; “Pizza on the Farm” @ A to Z Produce & Bakery (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/369388?tag=highlight-3821615;post-content-3821615#3821615) in Stockholm, WI; and LoveTree Pizza in that article; it seems like the whole “eating pizza in some remote barn” is a new trend.

    I just checked out The Stone Barn last week and it was amazing. Really, really fun experience. There’s just something about driving in the middle of nowhere for 2 hrs just to find 100 people eating fire-oven pizza in an old barn or out on the lawn, right next to rows of corn. Really fun.

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