November 20 Morning Roundup

Chris checks on TSA-approved holiday food, a name change for the (former) Eating Animals blog, Sara at TC Jewfolk has the best pareve (dairy-free) desserts in the Twin Cities, affection and a selection of recipes for candied yams from Simple, Good, and Tasty, gathering what late fall (early winter?) offers: last apples, burdock, and tea […]


June 23 Tweet Rodeo

Coming soon to Michigan! — @SchellsBrewery / @GrainBeltBeer are expanding, @CooksCrocusHill offers a class on star-spangled desserts tomorrow evening — just in time for the 4th, @The_Wedge serves you hand-rolled brats at this weekend’s Pride grill-out, @WilliamsUptown boasts a new “Tommyknocker Pick Axe Pale Ale,” @BeardFoundation ruminates on the essence of the s’more, and in […]


Open Thread: Dessert after Breakfast

Is there ever a call to offer dessert menus after diners have finished breakfast or brunch? Who in this world orders a restaurant-sized breakfast — which could, of course, include a syrup and fruit-bedecked order of mega-thick French toast — and then turns around and orders a brownie sundae? Highland Grill and Muffuletta both do […]