Surly Bill Now Surly Law and Morning Roundup

Gov. Dayton signs the Surly Bill (which also “allows bed and breakfast establishments to serve Minnesota-made beer”), Milwaukee residents can now keep (up to four) chickens, Rachel profiles Sun Street Breads (here’s our story), Butter Bakery burglarized, the cheap / delicious / divey Wienery is reviewed, Iggers goes to Aji in Hopkins, and the Well […]


The Return of Chocolate Celeste and October 21 Tweet Rodeo

@ChocolateCeleste is back and open for business, Tom of @MarthaandTom tests (and fails) a potentially revolutionary idea to disastrous results, @CaptainsChair eagerly awaits Darkness Day, @PerennialPlate’s chickens are the star of a new comic, @SurdyksLiquor posts their fall classes, and @FoxyFalafel plans to sell zatar-flavored pita chips this weekend at @KingfieldMarket.


A Reply On the Topic of Free-Range Chickens

A reader writes: “Rickie Lee asked where to get free-ranging chickens for slaughter.  We have them.  Please, post for your readers:  Our birds have been pastured, fed local grains, organic feed and 16% layer commercial feed.  Rosters for sale $5-10. Garry Fay, Freedom Farm, 1531 Andersen Socut Camp Road, Houlton WI 54082 — three miles from […]