Sopranos Italian Kitchen and Morning Roundup

The Urban Eatery will replace the View at Calhoun Beach while taking the “generic name” challenge to a whole new level, J.P. Samuelson will be cooking Italian at the Sopranos Italian Kitchen (for the love of God, can we please stop associating Italian food with organized crime? the Mafia’s not a bunch of lovable cartoon mischief makers), Stillwater Brewery is set to open later this month, Free Leeann Chin!, a walk-through of how Summit does cask-conditioned brew, Liberty Custard is closing, Yelpers touch off the public assessment of Heidi’s 2.0 and they like it, massdistraction posts the new breakfast menu for Cake Eater over on Flickr, Wisconsin cows get in on the hot new “mass animal death” craze, the Kitchen in Stillwater is kaput, and Andrew Zimmern proves himself adept at green screen kung fu.