Seven’s Comeback

Seven steakhouse and sushi bar is “strong, and it’s here to stay” says co-owner David Koch in the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal. The restaurant emerged recently from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. [h/t Ed Kohler]


  1. Geoff

    “We opened for business, and you couldn’t get in. That first year, we dominated the city’s dining scene.”

    LOL, whatever. you cornered the market on cougars and douchebags for a New York minute. what’s worse is that you poached them from your own place around the corner. EPIC FAIL.

  2. Gulp

    Just embarrassing that they would even claim they dominated the dining scene. And how can you “come back” when you were never even “there” in the first place? Milli Vanilli had a stronger comeback than these guys will have. They were more relevant to the music scene than Seven ever has been to the dining scene.

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