Seasonal Farmers Market Recipes at MPR

Minnesota Public Radio has a cool scrolling feature that takes you through a timeline of listener-submitted farmers market-focused recipes. (And check out our contribution, chocolate chip beet cake, pegged to Aug. 10.)


  1. Anders

    This may be a silly question, but does Heavy Table have a searchable index of the recipes/links listed on Recipe Roundup?

  2. Aaron Landry

    Not a silly question at all. In fact, a few of us were talking about this again today. While we have categories with types of stories, tags with types of content (including recipes) and geocode information on reviews and write-ups, there’s no easy way to search any of those three things.

    (e.g. this is very clunky: )

    We’re working on making stuff easier to find and browse through and hopefully we’ll have some stuff launched next month.

    Thanks for reading as well as the note.


    Aaron Landry
    The Heavy Table

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