R.I.P. Jonathan Radle of Grand Cafe

An obituary for Jon Radle, executive chef of the Grand Cafe. The Onion interviewed him and fellow up-and-comer Ben Pichler last July, and he won last year’s Local Chef Challenge at the Food & Wine Experience. We talked to him about Grand Cafe’s toast and to him and Pichler about house-made condiments last December. Some good biographical details and an appreciation over at Shefzilla.

Update (April 29): A Letter to Chef Jon Radle


  1. Katie

    I had b’fast at Grand Cafe Saturday morning the 17th and the food was coming out so slowly from the kitchen, it just made no sense–the only explanation was that they were short staffed. We were so perplexed. Now it just seems really, really sad. Condolences to the family for their loss.

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