Prohibition Lounge: Disappointment

Troy tees off savagely on Prohibition Lounge, the deco-style bar on the 27th floor of the Foshay Tower. “From the moment I stepped foot into the W Hotel lobby, music blaring, bright pink neon lights, and drunken suburbanites grinding in defiance to the rhythm of the music, I knew something might be amiss.” For what it’s worth: He’s completely right about the awful club music they play up there. It’s the ambiance equivalent of a war crime.


  1. geoff

    Word to Troy. With one caveat, however…visit HOT NEW downtown bars on the weekends at your own risk.

    Someone ought to index “sophisticated MPLS watering holes for grown-ups”

  2. Scott McGerik

    “The entire space was a travesty, completely uninspired, and existing in complete disrespect to the magnificent building in which it unjustly sits.”

    I agree. I went there for a birthday celebration and left wondering what the hell they were thinking when they designed that place.

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