Open Season

Any ambitious dining, cooking, or travel plans for this weekend?


  1. Bill Roehl

    Following a successful experiment on another BGSU college favorite (Chicken and Cheese Stuffed Breadsticks), I have decided to try and recreate another BGSU chicken and ranch recipe: chicken ranch pizza.

    The on campus dining facilities in college were kinda lame but after 7 PM several snack bars around campus opened and served pizzas made to order. One of our favorites was Chicken Ranch pizza. While some variations included vegetables like broccoli, no one I knew ordered it that way (broccoli on pizza in college?!) and thus it was more or less dough, ranch, and chicken with mozzarella. You then dipped it in a lot of ranch and ate it like it was going out of style.

    A couple of weeks ago I came across a deal at Rainbow where they had buy one get one free frozen bread dough. I bought a ton for the chicken and cheese breadsticks but figured I’d try to make the pizza as well. So while there are no new restaurants on the horizon for me to review this weekend, I’ll be working on perfecting our favorite pizza recipe instead.

    Now to get working on making ranch dressing from scratch…

  2. Moe

    Tonight I’m heading over to St. Albert the Great on E. 29th St. at 32nd Ave S. for the Friday Fish Fry. PDF of the flyer.

    My wife is going to Santa Fe, NM for work, anyone have any dining recommendations for down there?

  3. HungryinSW

    Big food weekend (as always). Hitting Linden Hills Co-op and Clancey’s to stock up for grilling season – and to finish off the “braising” months. It’s funny, I’m eating less meat, yet buying it in bulk from local/sustainable resources.

    Sunday is now a two meal day for me – a nice brunch and a Sunday Supper. Supper will be with the Fam, but can anyone throw out a few good brunch spots near SW Minneapolis? I’ve got a few ideas, but need some new insight!

  4. James Norton

    I’m sitting down with a wine distributor who’s going to try to school me on how to drink the stuff and enjoy it. Sake, Scotch, beer — no problem. Wine…? We’ll see if I can be cured.

  5. Jill

    I’m creating my first-ever hotdish recipe and serving it to a dinner guest. Everyone pray that it turns out to be edible, at the very least. Will also be dining out on Sunday night with three other adults and three toddlers. Maybe Punch, maybe elsewhere. Any ideas?

  6. Kate

    Since my weekend is Friday/Saturday, I think this counts. I made Szechuan chicken and forbidden rice last night. This isn’t super adventurous, but both were new to my kitchen. I’m also going to put some fennel pollen in my coffee tomorrow morning for something new.

  7. Jill

    Bill – You’ll read about it in an upcoming story, but it will include chicken, potatoes, a seasonal vegetable and an unexpected twist!

  8. Sharyn

    Nothing too out of the ordinary for us. My son and I had dinner at Evergreen Chinese last night. Debating whether we’ll get over to the Warehouse District today for Sheela’s cupcakes and/or giving into my Kopplins Coffee addiction. Planning to check out vegan options at Victor’s, but maybe next weekend. And in that same area I’m curious about a new restaurant called Kings opening up at 46th Street & Grand Avenue South. Coming Soon signs didn’t say when.

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