North Coast Nosh: The Recap

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

The original idea came from the folks at Peace Coffee: What if, in the spirit of Heavy Table’s Best Local Purveyor Silver Whisk award, we gathered together some of the latest and greatest names in local food for one big sipping and sampling session? Thus at a sold-out event last Friday night, 120+ guests and 14 organizations gathered together at Peace Coffee’s cafe on Minnehaha Ave. and the adjacent XYandZ gallery space to talk, eat, drink, and connect.

The generous vendor-to-guest ratio meant that vendors got a chance to really chat with guests, guests got a chance to sample (and re-sample!) the amazing variety of local beverages and treats, and the whole event had a pleasantly mellow vibe that lasted until it wrapped up at 9pm. Will we do it again? We certainly hope so. Stay tuned.

Below, from top to bottom (and left to right): Faribault Dairy, LaClare Farms, the XYandZ gallery (and beer and cider sampling hall), Harriet Brewing, Common Roots, Common Roots (soft pretzels!), Peace Coffee, Summit Brewing, Crispin Cider, Summit-rubbed blue cheese from Faribault Dairy, Peace Coffee, Ames Farm honeybees, Sun Street Breads, Lift Bridge Brewing, Sweets Bakeshop, and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table


  1. Norman Erickson

    We grow, process & roast hazelnuts in
    Lake City MN. We also cold press pure
    hazelnut oil for superior skin care. We
    would like to participate in the tasting/
    sampling event. We are unique in MN.
    Norm Erickson…”head nut”
    in Lake City, Hazelnut Capitol of MN

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