MSP Airport Dining Takes Off

The local Delta hub at Concourse G is up for some ambitious gastronomic updates beginning in January 2012, including restaurants with menus overseen and / or created by chefs including Lenny Russo of Heartland (Mill City Tavern), Russell Klein of Meritage (Mimosa), Doug Flicker of Piccolo (Volante), Ann Kim of Pizzeria Lola (Vero), Erick Harcey of Victory 44 (Minnesota Beer Hall), and Andrew Zimmern (Minni Bar). The news has been bouncing around for less than 24 hours, and already the local fooderati are cracking wise. Karl Gerstenberger writes: “I question whether we have the base of talent in Minneapolis St. Paul to do anything but dismal representations of local foods. Isn’t the point of being in a place to be in a place? If you want a juicy lucy at Matts, get off your airport a** and go have one. Patronize local restaurants, not facsimiles of local restaurants.”