March 8 Morning Roundup

Our editor appears on The Splendid Table to talk about Wisconsin cheese, Lift Bridge Brewery now has a Wisconsin distributor’s license, facelift grants are perking up some local restaurant storefronts, there are charming Celtic dancing squirrels over at the Finnegan’s Pint-a-Thon website, the world’s bleakest local brewing product review [via Tom Elko], True Thai and the Himalayan then and now, a vegan chili cookoff in Seward, local co-ops act to help Minnesota Foodshare, the annual Eating Your Words photo contest at Tangled Noodle, cheers for Jackson’s gelato but jeers for its coffee and atmosphere, a knowledgeable review of the new Summit India style Rye Ale, Sunrise Donuts returns, and Rice Paper is moving. (But who’s moving into the Rice Paper spot? Might it be a good fit for a revived Heidi’s?)