Manny’s Sunday Supper

Jill Lewis / Heavy Table
Jill Lewis / Heavy Table

With a starting price of $39.95, the steaks at Manny’s Steakhouse are often reserved for special occasions. Adding all those appetizers, sides, and desserts — not to mention wine — can easily bring your bill north of $200. That might fit your budget for an anniversary, but for your average evening out, it’s too strenuous a charge for your credit card. So when Manny’s announced its new Sunday Supper deal last month, featuring a wedge salad, top sirloin, mashed potatoes, and chocolate cake for just $27.95, diners took notice. Could you really get the Manny’s experience for less than a bottle of wine?

If by Manny’s experience you mean a gut-busting amount of food, absolutely yes. The four generous slices of sirloin and the mound of buttery mashed potatoes were more than enough to satisfy a hungry customer. The slightly salty sirloin, served medium with a red center, reflected the quality and seasoning of Manny’s more expensive steaks. Though it came with a side of jus, the sirloin was flavorful enough to stand on its own. Mashed-potato fans will applaud Manny’s smoky, stick-to-your-ribs version. The wedge salad that preceded the meat and potatoes, though, was merely serviceable.

Jill Lewis / Heavy Table
Jill Lewis / Heavy Table

The thought of dessert was hard to stomach after filling up on the main course, but it’s hard to resist chocolate cake a la mode. The cake has the fudgy consistency and flavor of a brownie, and the vanilla ice cream provided a much-needed contrast to the chocolately square below it. Polishing off the piece will guarantee that you leave the restaurant with that familiar steakhouse bloat. And your wallet will be slightly fatter than normal, too.

Manny’s Sunday Supper is available on Sundays from 4pm until closing.


  1. EyeOnThePrize

    I have to say that those photos are seriously in need of some Photoshop help. They are so dark and dingy that the food looks really unappetizing. I understand the restaurant was probably dimly lit, but there simply has to be a way to make them look better than that! Food photography has to be appealing, or it’s not worth it.

  2. Dan

    Food looks gross. Sounds like a Cafe Levain ripoff to me. They started the Sunday Supper idea about 6 months ago…and its fantastic….and it looks way better than that crap.

  3. Mag

    Yeah, those photos don’t do Manny’s justice, so I wouldn’t let that influence your opinion.

  4. jane

    Oh, I’m glad someone else commented on the photos. The lighting is shockingly bad. Looks like a horror film. Creepy.

  5. jane

    I should mention the food at Manny’s is not like in those photos. Manny’s steak isn’t my favorite in town, but it isn’t creepy and weird looking/tasting, nor is the restaurant itself. (sorry to keep picking on those photos).

  6. Jill

    I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. The lighting at Manny’s is quite low, and despite trying every setting on my camera I couldn’t get the quality I prefer. These photos have been edited, but there’s only so much we can do.

  7. jane

    I admit I don’t have any clue how to edit photos, so I have almost no business commenting on these. That’s the internet for ya.

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