June 4 Morning Roundup: Restaurantorama

Smashburger will soon be a Har Mar superstar, the former jP space on Lyndale will become Anchor Bar; La Bodega is becoming Sauce Spirits & Sound Bar featuring Italian comfort food and live music, the Tea Garden is opening a 5th location at the Mall of America, “someone in the kitchen is paying attention to quality control” at the totally reinvented former Via (now Tavern on France) says Rick Nelson, and Wakame Sushi & Asian Bistro is opening up next month at the old Three Fish location in Calhoun Commons.


  1. Moe

    I stopped into that Tavern on France the other day to visit a friend that was bartending on the patio. The patio was really nice, and quiet for being on a busy street like France Ave. The menu looked decent enough, with nice brunch. I had a blood orange mojito and a Summit EPA, which along with Newcastle, was the only beer on tap worth anything. I asked my friend if she thought they’d get better beers on tap soon, and she didn’t think so. Bummer, though it’s not like I’m going to drive to Edina to drink a good beer very often.

    Oh, and the wonderful city of Edina stepped in and took away their Happy Hour deals. Can’t have that and cake.

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