July 28 Tweet Rodeo

Free equal exchange coffee plus a performance arts festival… how could you go wrong? @The_Wedge serves up a cuppa’ joe to Fringe-goers, @CooksCrocusHill advertises the last day (today) of their sidewalk sale, @TCFoodFinds recommends Fat Lorenzo’s for pizza, @BulldogNE announces their new specials for the week, and Lee Zukor talks with Heartland’s Lenny Russo on @LiveGreenTC about “why there’s no such thing as cheap food.” On the bar front, @SecretsCity reports that Nye’s bartender is planning to “hang up the rag,” and @Bradstreet601 is giving out a prize for their 500th follower (the 400th was awarded a free drink)… if you have Twitter, add them soon!