Pearson’s Edina Restaurant May Close

Diners near 50th and France may soon have to look elsewhere for Swedish meatballs, lefse, and lutefisk. Pearson’s Edina Restaurant (3808 W 50th St), a 36-year-old neighborhood restaurant, may shut its doors to make way for a Walgreens drug store. Semper Development is proposing the purchase and development, which would also shutter the neighborhood’s current Walgreens (4916 France Ave S). The Pearson family has operated a number of Twin Cities restaurants since 1938; this restaurant is its only remaining one.


  1. Paul

    WTF Walgreens? The Walgreens in Robbinsdale is moving across the street from their current location, and that move is taking out three longtime area businesses, including El Toro Restaurant.

  2. annmartina

    Does anyone really need another new Walgreens building? A beloved Bloomington watering hole (Andy’s Tap), and one of the few independents left in Bloomington was closed a couple of years ago to make way for a new Walgreens.

  3. Olivia

    This has been a tradition in my family for 10 years. We attend church and head to Pearson’s. My 7 year old knows Judy and Angel by name. French toast is her favorite meal and will not eat it anywhere else because it’s not like Pearson’s. This will be a very sad day for our family and friends. My nieces and nephews love coming to the city and having breakfast at Pearson’s. We’re going to have a tough time making a new Sunday home.

  4. Amanda Pearson

    Talk about being left out of the family loop. I google the family restaurant to see if we have a blog or page & I see this article :-( Say it isn’t so. Just when I’m free from Alex & have some hope of getting back home to MN… It’s like my world is being wiped away. No more french toast, or pancakes w/ the smiley face on them from Aunt Mo, or grandma’s hotdish… It’s not the same eating them at home.

  5. Bob

    We loved Breakfast at Pearson’s. Are you going to put out a cookbook? I would love to have your pancake receipt.

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