July 23 Tweet Rodeo

We’ve got your weekend all planned out for you!  Stop by @StubAndHerbs tonight for @GrainBeltBeer at the bar’s 70th birthday celebration, stock up on wine tomorrow — the second-to-last day of the wine sale at @SurdyksLiquor, visit the Tangletown Art & Garden Tour on Saturday (@WeLikeItHere says that Corner Table’s Scott Pampuch is cooking!), join @CommonRoots in weeding onions on Sunday, and sip a $10 bottle of wine at @SalutGrand on Monday.  In other news, @Atlantic_Foods refers us to an article on the first Israeli basketball player on a US pro team — and his need for real, Israeli hummus (not the Americanized dip of grocery store fame), and @Starbucks goes where no brand has gone before — @CoopEats reports that the company is testing a daring new business plan of un-branding some of their stores.


  1. Jill

    I’m with Omri Casspi – you can’t beat Israeli hummus. I used to buy it from my favorite hummus guy in Jerusalem and eat it with a spoon right there in the market.

  2. Jill

    It’s the consistency – I find most American-made hummus to be really thick and pasty, while Israeli hummus tends to be much lighter. It’s almost like it’s whipped. When you eat it drizzled with olive oil, whole chickpeas and some fresh herbs, there’s nothing better.

  3. Kris

    Ah…ok, now I understand. You’re right that much of the commercially made hummus is pasty. Mine’s smooth and light, as I prefer it.

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