Jorge Guzman Will Teach Pibil at Chef Camp 2018

Chef Camp

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Chef Jorge Guzman is joining us for Chef Camp 2018! Guzman, a 2017 James Beard finalist for the Midwest region, will be teaching pibil, a signature method in the Yucatán, which involves digging a pit and cooking meat or fish, with aromatics and spices, for hours underground over hot stones. Raised in Mérida, Yucatán, a city with a rich Mayan heritage and strong culinary traditions, Guzman grew up cooking over fire.

“When you cook over live fire,” Guzman said, “your senses are even more attuned to what’s happening. You have to be aware of how the fire is behaving, the way the smoke billows and how the wind shifts. It’s not turning the stove to low and forgetting about it while you catch up on emails.”

Guzman came to last year’s camp as a guest, and as a special surprise for our campers he prepared the most delicious chorizo-and-egg breakfast burritos as a midnight snack. We’ve had the munchies ever since.

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