In the Fire’s Wake: Blackbird Sues Heidi’s

The Star Tribune reports that Blackbird Cafe is suing Heidi’s for more than $383,000 due to alleged negligence resulting in the Feb. 2010 fire that destroyed both restaurants and three other stores. Related: Our initial notes and photographs from the blaze, and our post-fire reviews of the new Blackbird and the new Heidi’s.


  1. Kat

    It should be noted that Blackbird is not personally suing Heidi’s. Their insurance company is suing Heidi’s insurance company for the amount they had to pay out. Legally the company has to do it in Blackbird’s name. The Star Trib presented it badly.

  2. Dave E

    Thanks, Kat. I figured that was the case; but of course the Star Tribune article was about an inch deep and didn’t get that far.

  3. Kat

    Dave – Yeah, the Trib made it into a much more of a scandal. Blackbird gave the clarification on Facebook yesterday.

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