Il Gatto and Duplex Close in Uptown

Right before the (generally lucrative) holiday season, two Uptown restaurants have shut their doors: Parasole’s relatively new Italian eatery, Il Gatto (which underwent a high-profile rescue attempt by Chef Tim McKee) and eclectic modern bistro Duplex, which had a six-year run. In its press release about Il Gatto (PDF), Parasole said Il Gatto had closed because it “was unable to align the economics of operating the restaurant with the cost of occupying the premises,” and went on to claim good health for its other Uptown properties (Chino Latino, Uptown Cafeteria, and the nearby Burger Jones).


  1. Jaen

    The generally lucrative holiday season is generally over. Next weekend will be dead, most restaurants closed both days. The weekdays between Xmas and New Years are notoriously slow. New Year’s Eve falls on a Saturday, depriving restaurants of the benefit of a booming holiday Saturday and a separate New Year’s Eve. So most of what Gatto and Duplex had to wring out of the holiday season has been wrung from it.

  2. John Garland

    I had 2 scotch & sodas and an order of their delicious fries on Saturday, unbeknownst to me at the time, just hours before they shuttered for good. They certainly poured my drinks with the heavy hand of a business going under.

    Here’s hoping the space is repurposed by something other than an outdoorsy retailer.

  3. Jennie S.

    That’s too bad about Duplex. I lived near there and loved it before I left Uptown. Not sad about Il Gatto except for the friends I had working there. It should have stayed Figlio. That neighborhood has gone downhill the past few years, anyway.

  4. Ed Newman

    I went there yesterday to get the bad news on the door. A welcoming neighborhood place with good food and cheerful staff has ended its run! I will miss the food but hope to see the staff in new ventures. All the best!

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